How can outbound marketing speed up B2B prospecting?

Unleashing the power of Outbound Marketing to accelerate your Sales Pipeline.

As Dan Zarrella, award-winning marketing scientist at Hubspot, Inc. said: Marketing isn’t magic. There is a science to it.

Although outbound marketing has been subject to considerable criticism in the last couple of years, future-thinking businesses are still counting on it.

Inbound marketing is a lot more cost-effective than traditional, outbound marketing. Is this really universally valid?

Actually, when used strategically, outbound sales strategies have proven valuable assets for successfully finding and engaging sales-qualified leads.

A proper outbound sales strategy has real science behind it. You can’t just start pounding the pavement with no direction and expect to achieve growth.”

Get immediate results with outbound marketing.

Unlike inbound marketing, which is a long game, outbound sales strategies deliver fast business outcomes. With a suitable strategy in place, providing the right type of content at the right time for the right prospect can speed up your sales cycle.

Target specific messages strategically.

With outbound marketing, you have the power to deliver your messages to the audience you choose, whether they search for your services or not.

Pay-per-click ads include expanded targeting options and now provide a variety of demographic and interest-based criteria that improve precision and effectiveness.

Outbound + Inbound = A recipe for success.

Sales professionals who bring together outbound and inbound marketing are already harvesting the benefits. Outbound lead generation campaigns that are integrated with strong inbound sales strategies can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Through strategic promotion, you’ll ensure that your valuable content will actually get to be seen. According to Hubspot, on Facebook, organic reach can be as low as 2%, which means that your content is not being seen. Tactics such as ads, direct mails, seminar series, or cold calling may quickly increase your popularity.

What makes outbound marketing productive?

According to Ben Raffi, CEO at Growlabs, market segmentation and tailored messaging are the essential components of a scalable outbound marketing strategy. This includes identifying your buyer’s persona, your Ideal Customer Profiles, and engaging with customers that match these profiles through highly personalized messaging.

What are some of your thoughts on outbound marketing?

If you’re finding it difficult to make the most out of your outbound efforts, Infotelligent’s “Sales Intelligence” SaaS platform can help you.

The mission of this solution is to provide accurate contact information regarding your ideal prospects with buying intent insights to aid you in growing your sales faster. It also offers comprehensive and reliable information on your target customers and enables you to reduce your sales cycles and boost your win rates.

Are you a CRO, VP of Sales, or a VP of Marketing? Take a look below on how you can identify your target buyers accurately and in real time when they show an intent to buy.

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