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Your email sender reputation is a score email service providers give to your email domain to indicate whether you are a trustworthy sender or not. Think of it as a credit score but for cold email reputation.

What happens when your sender reputation is bad?

  • Low open, CTR, and response rates as more emails land in junk/spam folder
  • Higher bounce rates
  • Risk of email domain getting blacklisted
  • Greater likelihood of violating CCPA and CASL laws

What happens when your sender reputation is poor?

  • Accurate contact email addresses to prevent high bounce rates
  • Personalization of emails to increase open and response rates
  • Avoid bulk emails; send mass emails in small batches
  • Use call & email cadences to get higher response rates

What happens if you don’t fix your low email sender reputation?

If you consistently witness more than 5% bounce rates due to inaccurate email addresses and other factors, your email domain can permanently get blacklisted by email service providers. Should this happen, you have no choice but to get a new email domain and run all cold email campaigns using it.

It’s evident that having accurate contact data is critical to keeping your outreach emails in order. This is where’s Discover can assist. Unlike the industry average of 60-70% data accuracy, Discover provides up to 97%, so you can minimize bounces and make sure each email lands in the recipient’s inbox folder.

Using its real-time verification feature, you can get the most updated email address of contacts so you don’t ruin your campaigns with high bounce and low open rates. You can validate the email addresses just before you export into your CRM and keep your sender reputation score in check.

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