Buyer Intent

Are raw, unqualified leads killing your sales and revenue quotas?
Find in-market leads that are ready to buy with intent signals sourced from email, programmatic and co-op traffic data so you can pinpoint likely buyers and close deals faster.


“Only 5%of B2B Buyers are in-market to buy”, according to research from Professor John Dawes from Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

This means that the other 95% either doesn’t either have the budget or the urgency to buy from you anytime soon. But without this clarity, you’re left with targeting unqualified leads, running nurture campaigns and doing countless follow-ups - a perfect recipe to wreck your revenue targets.

With’s Multi-Source Intent, you can engage the 5% in-market leads. How?

Our Buyer Intent data tracks the companies that are researching your solutions on the Internet in the last 7 days and tells you the names and titles of the decision-makers along with their verified email IDs and mobile phone numbers.

Our customers see a 5x increase in sales wins when they reach companies during their research phase.

Use’s Buyer Intent data and get to buyers before your competitors.

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