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LinkedIn Prospecting on High Gear

Let’s face it: hunting leads on LinkedIn is a mood-killer. You almost have to work overtime to copy and paste links and other details into a CRM or into a CSV or Excel file and then export into an outreach tool to run campaigns.

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4 Reasons Why The Chrome Extension is Your Outbound Utility Belt

Contact leads from their profiles

Found a lead that seems worth reaching out to?’s Chrome Extension lets you unlock email, mobile phone and company details so you can instantly get in touch via email or phone without leaving LinkedIn.

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Create LinkedIn leads lists in seconds

Save your brain from going numb from adding leads one-by-one into a spreadsheet or CRM. Just type for the job title you want to target and will let you add all profiles or accounts into a list that you can later use in a workflow.

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Reach out by posts liked or commented

Dump the ‘hey I was just going through your profile’ pitch. Instead, make a list of potential leads by the type of posts they liked or commented on so that when you reach out, your personalized ice-breakers can get you more responses and meetings.

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Qualify leads on the go

Want to prospect new accounts? Qualify or disqualify based on net revenue, industry, employee size, and technographics while you browse multiple sites and import them to your CRM or add to a list or sequence.

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Now Prospecting 1000 Leads in a Day Doesn’t Have to Sound Crazy

Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile

See An Instant Uptick On Your Outbound Metrics

See An Instant Uptick On Your Outbound Metrics

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It's a shortcut to the top! is my destination to find highly accurate information about prospective leads. It makes it really, really easy to generate high volumes of potential prospects. I'm in love with how simple it is to export this data into Salesforce. It's helped clean up my database too, reducing any redundancies that might have existed. It's often said that time is money and gives you a lot of both.

Tyler Clarke

Marketing Manager

"Get to business heads and business success, faster!"

I am huge fan of's real-time validation feature. It ensures that I don't waste time sending out emails that will bounce. I can't emphasise enough just how beneficial this has been, especially with the amount of employee turnover we've been witnessing during these times. It saves you a lot of time when searching for leads because the Advanced search filters really help to narrow down you prospecting list.

Shanna G.

Sales Manager

"The Easiest Contact Database Provider To Use" has transformed the way I prospect. It's the easiest contact database provider I've ever come across. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface makes prospecting so simple. I've been able to easily filter out my searches based on job level which is great at saving time on unnecessary calls. Also, I have to say that I absolutely love the Linkedin integration. It allows me to easily find and import contacts directly into Salesforce.

Paulina G.

Marketing Manager

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