Selling Success Starts with Intent Data

Intent data is the future of selling.

Everyone wants to connect with in-market prospects—those who are actively interested in what you bring to the table. Nothing more, nothing less.

Used correctly, intent data is likely to contribute to greater prospect engagement and better ROI. From superior prospecting to top-tier account prioritization, there is no limit to how intent-based information can elevate your sales intelligence.

As intent data takes center stage in sales, let’s go behind the scenes to find out how you can recalculate your current strategy. Follow the simple formulas outlined below and crack the code for selling success.

I. Intent Data + Cold Outreach = Intelligent Prospecting

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to unfreeze your cold outreach. When you start a relevant conversation with a qualified prospect, your pitch is more likely to receive a warm welcome.

Keep dialing. It works. But make no mistake: smart prospecting is a tale of two elements—high-quality B2B data + cold outreach. Including intent data in the mix is only going to add more value to this equation and ultimately enrich the quality of your B2B data. And remember, the higher the quality, the better the prospecting. After all, first impressions matter. Too often, they are a make-or-break moment in sales.

For all you know, there might be no second chances. Isn’t it time you did something differently?

This is your opportunity. When your outreach is laser-focused on intent-based information, the game is in your favor right from the beginning. You won’t even need a second opportunity to finally resonate with your prospects. Nor should you be a sales whiz with unthinkable tricks up your sleeve to prioritize your next steps. At a click of a button, you can pinpoint:

➤ Who is in the market.

➤ What makes your ideal prospect tick.

➤ Which pain points should be addressed right away.

➤ What drives the ultimate buying decision.

➤ When it’s time to start a conversation.

Now, go a step further and think about doing all that, but in real time.

Armed with this valuable knowledge, you won’t get promises but you’ll get results.

Pause for a moment to truly observe the behavioral patterns of your potential customers, rev up the engines, and fine-tune your sales strategy accordingly.

II. Intent Data + Demand Generation = Greater ROI

Winning the sales game is going to take more than a collection of mere numbers. It all comes down to segmentation.

When fishing for high-quality prospects, some sellers might be tempted to cast their nets far and wide. But more isn’t always better. A much greater way to sharpen your game before your competitors even start playing is by using behavioral segmentation. The intent data – demand generation power duo will signal the path forward. In this immersive journey, you can easily:

➤ Get a richer picture of your highly-prized in-market audiences.

➤ Serve up personalized messages to a highly-targeted prospect list.

➤ Prioritize your actions to engage in-market prospects solely—and only in the moments that matter.

➤ Refresh your strategy continuously to match the current interests of your audience.

➤ Connect with a new prospect long before your competitors have a chance to grab this opportunity.

The blueprint is in your hands. While buyer intent paves the way towards the promised land of precision selling, a demand generation program is your shortcut to long-term customer relationships. At the finish line, a higher ROI awaits.

III. Intent Data + Account-Based Selling = Shorter Sales Cycles, Higher Impact

You always reap what you sow.

There is success. Most sales professionals put in a lot of work to turn their audience into something greater than the sum of its parts and seal the deal faster.

Then, there is unprecedented success. Nobody knows that better than the thought sales leaders who do more with a lot less. Or, in other words, zoom in on timely intent indicators to target prospects at the account level and ensure that high-value deals don’t slip through the cracks.

That’s not something you see every day. Together, intent data and account-based selling is a force to be reckoned with and your key to:

➤ Hyper-personalizing your selling approach.

➤ Articulating your selling proposition.

➤ Engaging the decision-makers within your highly-prized accounts.

➤ Winning the battle for high-value prospect attention.

➤ Shortening sales cycles.

In sales, nothing happens by chance.

Take a bold leap and start a meaningful conversation with your prospects. Just don’t forget to put intent data to work. That’s how you make an impact—faster and without hassle.

Now, to the Best Part: Great Things Don’t Take Time

They’re happening right now. No matter where your potential customers are, you can live every single day in their lives—without delay.

Intent data gives you privileged access to this powerful selling intelligence so you can create your own formula for success.

A formula that is all about understanding the intent of your prospects, connecting the dots across your sales strategy, and winning the moments that matter.

Ultimately, a formula that helps you memorize this: what you can do in seconds, many experts do in a lifetime.

What else? What are some of your thoughts about tactics on Intent Data?

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