Microsoft Azure Users List

Get Companies using Microsoft Azure, by Industry and Employee size, along with the email addresses, mobile phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles of decision-makers.

Are you looking for a Microsoft Azure Users Email List that you can customize? We strongly advise you to get in touch with us! Our online b2b list building tool can assemble and provide a list of Microsoft Azure customers based on your specifications. Infotelligent’s Microsoft Azure Customer List covers businesses and their executives who have decision-making authority in firms that use Microsoft Azure services. With the Microsoft Azure Customers List, you can target Azure customers, users, and decision-makers all in one place. This comprehensive database can be used for consulting, services, and other updates.

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Choose Infotelligent To Get A List Of Companies Using Microsoft Azure

Infotelligent is the industry pioneer in providing high-quality Microsoft Azure Users lists to developers, dealers, and vendors of various Azure products in a variety of customized formats. You can have seamless interaction with clients who use Microsoft Azure with the help of our Microsoft Azure users list. Our list guarantees not only a high response rate in campaigns but also a high sales rate and ROI in a short period of time. Try our list for yourself to see how it directly impacts your profit margin. The following is a sample list of companies that use Microsoft Azure software.

With our Microsoft Azure customers list, you can direct your sales campaign in the proper direction. Infotelligent offers one of the most cost-effective Microsoft Azure users’ email lists on the market. We supply you with a well-structured Microsoft Azure users mailing database to help you generate more qualified leads and improve your chances of reaching the proper target market.

Data Counts for Microsoft Azure Users Email List

Infotelligent’s Microsoft Azure Users List delivers an up-to-date and accurate list of companies and customers who use Microsoft Azure. Once you’ve logged into our B2B Sales Intelligence platform, you’ll see a dedicated search space where you can explore the Microsoft Azure users’ contacts database at your convenience.

Our fully verified Microsoft Azure users’ mailing gives you everything you need to be prepared for a profitable corporate promotion. Along with these details, you can get data on the company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and attributes that allow you to run targeted marketing campaigns. Infotelligent has the fastest search engine for internal database search in the market which reduces the time you need to create your own Microsoft Azure users mailing list that you can save and/or download.

Whom Can You Reach Using Infotelligent’s Microsoft Azure Users List?

Infotelligent’s Microsoft Azure Users List provides high-quality data for successful campaign execution. It allows you to connect with all of the top executives and professionals who use the Azure solution. Every 60 days, our team of data experts updates the data in our database. They conduct monthly quality checks in order to give you a very accurate Microsoft Azure user’s email database. Using our Microsoft Azure customers list, you can target the following job titles:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Vice-President
  • Technology Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chirf Executive Officer 
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • IT Board Directors
  • Microsoft Azure Consultant
  • Application Database Admin
  • System Engineer – Microsoft Azure
  • Application Developer
  • Principal Engineer – Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Software Developer
  • Service Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Application Developer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Technical Director
  • Microsoft Azure Functional Consultant
  • Microsoft Azure Analyst
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Program Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Technical Consultant
  • Senior Manager
  • Microsoft Azure CRM Administrator
  • Business and Technology Integration Manager
  • Software Development Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Project Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Technical Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Technical Architect
  • Delivery Head
  • Associate Consultant
  • Senior program manager
  • Associate Director
  • Technical Architect
  • Software Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • VP Sales
  • Chief Product Expert
  • Microsoft Azure Analyst
  • Microsoft Azure Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Senior Director
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Director of Marketing Technology
  • Microsoft Azure Consulting Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Consultant
  • Technical Specialist
  • Microsoft Azure Domain Architect
  • And many more…

Here’s How Our Microsoft Azure Users List Can Make A Difference in Our Sales

Increase your sales pipeline today with our reach-targeted Microsoft Azure users list. With Infotelligent, now you can book meetings with key decision-makers who want to deploy Microsoft Azure software in their business operations.

Access More Companies and Contacts

With Infotelligent’s Microsoft Azure customers list, sales teams can get actionable data on a list of companies using Microsoft Azure based on the Industry, Revenue, Company Size, Location, and more.

Supercharge Your Sales Team

With accurate and reliable Microsoft Azure customers’ data, you can set up your sales team to win more deals. Our advanced search functionality enables your teams to identify which businesses are currently looking for Microsoft Azure solutions.

Close Leads Effectively

Secure new leads by identifying prospects that are ready to invest in Microsoft Azure products and services. With Infotelligent, now you can save time in searching for leads while closing the leads effectively.

Maximize Conversion Rate

Infotelligent’s partnership with Bombora helps you to fetch the intent data of Microsoft Azure customers. Having signals on every prospect such as funding and tech stack enable your sales teams to maximize conversion rates.

Quality Standards We Follow At Infotelligent

A quality email database is one that provides you with 100 percent authentic contacts who want to do business with you. Infotelligent takes pride in providing a high-quality Microsoft Azure Users Email List to its customers and delivering a superior business experience that is unrivaled. We stand behind the accuracy of our contact data, and for every contact, you report with data issues, you’ll receive two new contacts credits.

Furthermore, we’re fully committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date Microsoft Azure customers list which has been compiled using hundreds of licensed sources such as Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, third-party vendors, and many more. While sourcing data to our Microsoft Azure users’ mailing list, we follow rigorous data collection and verification processes to ensure 100% data accuracy.


How many Azure Customers are there?

Microsoft Azure currently has 750 million clients and is used by 85 percent of Fortune 500 enterprises. Contact us today for a complete list of Microsoft Azure customers!

Which companies use Microsoft Azure?

Most of the companies using Microsoft Azure are most often found in the United States and in the Computer Software industry. Some of the companies that use MS Azure are BMW Group, GE Healthcare, Lorven Technologies, Zendesk Inc., and many more.

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