Make Smarter B2B Database Investments to Fuel Marketing Success

The Data Advantage: Learn how accurate data can move the needle on sales.

Marketing is not a process of guessing.

You must have high-quality data at hand to find out who your prospects are, how buying habits are evolving, and when is the time to get your marketing initiatives off the back burner.

A top-class B2B database provider is not just a face in the crowd; it’s the partner you need to refine your marketing plans, maximize your reach, and drive a much higher ROI.
While every piece of data has an expiry date and manual information input can easily generate errors, a strategic vendor can keep your database in excellent condition at all times. Partnering up with a provider that offers a steady flow of accurate data will help you build (and regularly augment) your marketing database with high-quality prospect information.

Navigate Through the Noise of B2B Database Vendors

Data is everywhere—but remember: not every bit of data is useful. Here’s a word of advice from Kelsey Schneider, Media Director at Greenhaus:

“If your data doesn’t move at the speed of the market, don’t use it!”

No marketer can comprehend the real story behind data if, in the meantime, that information becomes obsolete. A B2B database provider not only gives you instant access to highly-vetted prospects but it also routinely updates and augments every data point with crucial information (e.g., when a company expands to new locations or the prospect gets a promotion).

Many plans intended to fuel marketing success through data could fall flat without a vendor’s support.

What Is the Greatest Source of Data for Your Organization?

While the market is brimming with B2B database providers, well-reputed vendors offer fast evidence of their expertise and data integrity, so you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you pay for.

There’s no universal recipe for finding the right data partner. This investment is, after all, a subjective matter and part of its success depends on your specific marketing mission.

Why do you need to augment your database—to get a better view of your in-market buyers or monitor your main competitors? Clarify your key objectives first and put together a shortlist of third-party vendors that match your interests.

Good providers stand by their data validity and accelerate your path to superior decision-making by continuously enriching your database with timely, consistent, and accurate information about your high-value prospects, customers, or competitors.

Great data partners go well beyond data to help you get the most out of your investment. Such vendors aim to:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your organization
  • Remain forthcoming about pricing and potential extra fees
  • Ensure a seamless implementation with your existing infrastructure
  • Connect you with your highly-vetted accounts, not irrelevant leads
  • Build stronger relationships by offering ongoing customer support

It takes two sides to form a partnership. A B2B data vendor that brings real value to your organization shares your commitment to business growth and works alongside the marketing/sales department as an integral part of the team.

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