AS/400 Users List

Get Companies using AS/400, by Industry and Employee size, along with the email addresses, mobile phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles of decision-makers.

If you’re looking for marketing data to benefit from commercial opportunities in the AS/400 applications space, then Infotelligent AS/400 Users Email Database will help. Our AS/400 users list includes precise information that will help you contact your most promising prospects via phone, email, or mail. With our AS/400 Customers List, marketers can reach out to a large number of decision-makers, C-Level Executives, and professionals in their target market. You can expect a higher response rate, conversion rate, and return on investment when you use our AS/400 Users Mailing List. Simply get in touch with us instantly if you want to learn more.

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  • IBM i (AS/400) Customers List
  • And many more…

Choose Infotelligent To Fetch The List Of Companies Using AS/400

With an updated and reliable list of companies and customers that use AS/400, we guarantee accurate and authentic data that ensure maximum deliverability for your b2b marketing campaigns. Our B2B sales intelligence tool allows you to collect data on key decision-makers from various organizations that are responsible for purchasing and implementation of various AS/400 tools. Trusted by millions of customers across various industry verticals, we at Infotelligent provides an excellent data source for b2b marketers to get connected with AS 400 users from companies of all sizes.  Here is the sample list of companies using a variety of AS/400 tools and products.

With Infotelligent’s AS/400 users email list, you can pitch your products and services to all of these IBM iSeries AS/400 users all around the world. Our database allows you to reach out to decision-makers in a variety of industries and run multi-channel marketing campaigns. In addition, our AS/400 Customers List database maintains accuracy while also delivering a wealth of data.

Data Counts for AS/400 Users List

Our AS/400 Users Mailing Database assists you in rolling out promotional campaigns that yield high results and help you gain brand awareness and visibility. Once you log into our online list-building platform, you will have a dedicated search area that gives you unlimited access to the AS/400 users’ contacts database you are looking for.

Our fully verified AS/400 users’ mailing list has contact details, email addresses, direct phone numbers, physical addresses of the company along with details of the latest employment, LinkedIn profiles, and attributes that allow you to run targeted marketing campaigns. Infotelligent has the fastest search engine for internal database search in the market which reduces the time you need to create your own AS/400 users mailing list that you can save and/or download.

Whom You Can Reach Using Infotelligent’s AS/400 Users List?

As a reliable data partner, we strive to provide up-to-date information of AS/400 customers. Our AS/400 decision-makers list was compiled with deep data intelligence in order to make sure that all of your data-driven marketing activities are successful. Here are the few job titles; you can target using our AS/400 customers list:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • C-Level Executives
  • AS 400 Consultant
  • Technical Lead
  • Project Manager
  • President
  • Chief Product Expert
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • AS 400 Architect
  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • AS 400 Project Lead
  • Enterprise Solutions Architect
  • Global Program Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Cloud and Infrastructure specialist
  • Technology Lead
  • Technology Specialist
  • Analyst
  • Consulting Applications Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • AS 400 Developer
  • Solution Architect
  • Executive Director
  • Sr. IT Infrastructure Specialist
  • Principal Software Engineering
  • Cloud Architect Manager
  • Senior Consultant
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Software Development Manager
  • AS 400 Platform Developer
  • AS 400 Technical Analyst
  • And Many More
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Technical Director
  • AS/400 Functional Consultant
  • AS/400 Analyst
  • Senior program manager
  • Associate Director
  • Technical Architect
  • Software Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • And many more…

Here’s How Our AS/400 Users Mailing List Can Make A Difference To Your Sales

Increase your sales pipeline today with our reach-targeted AS/400 users email list. With Infotelligent, now you can book meetings with key decision-makers who want to deploy AS/400 software in their business operations.

Access More Companies and Contacts

With Infotelligent’s AS/400 customers list, sales teams can get actionable data on a list of companies using AS/400 based on Industry, Revenue, Company Size, Location, and more.

Supercharge Your Sales Team

With accurate and reliable AS/400 customers’ data, you can set up your sales team to win more deals. Our advanced search functionality enables your teams to identify which businesses are currently researching for AS/400 solutions.

Close Leads Effectively

Secure new leads by identifying prospects that are ready to invest in AS/400 products and services. With Infotelligent, now you can save time in searching for leads while closing the leads effectively.

Maximize Conversion Rate

Infotelligent’s partnership with Bombora helps you to fetch the intent data of AS/400 customers. Having signals on every prospect such as funding and tech stack enable your sales teams to maximize conversion rates.

Quality Standards We Follow At Infotelligent

A quality email database is one that provides you with 100 percent authentic contacts who want to do business with you. Infotelligent takes pride in providing high-quality AS/400 Users Email List to its customers and delivering a superior business experience that is unrivaled. We stand behind the accuracy of our contact data, and for every contact you report with data issues, you’ll receive two new contacts credits.

Furthermore, we’re fully committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date AS/400 customers list which has been compiled using hundreds of licensed sources such as Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, third-party vendors, and many more. While sourcing data to our AS/400 users’ mailing list, we follow rigorous data collection and verification processes to ensure 100% data accuracy.


What companies use AS400?

The AS/400 is extensively used in various industries like manufacturing, software development, and information technology. However, significant companies such as the American Red Cross and WestRock, as well as Cox Automotive, Lorven Technologies, and others, utilize AS/400 in a variety of industries.

How many companies are using AS400?

Over 100,000 businesses rely on AS/400 technology, as it is implemented in IBM I to power their most mission-critical applications. If you are looking for detailed information on the list of companies using AS/400, then contact us today!

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