4 ABM Tactics for Your Next Account-Based Campaign

Execute these 4 proven ABM tactics to drive sales success and win more deals.

ABM is key to modern marketing—it is a highly-targeted strategy to attract, engage, and convert top-level prospects within a market and one of the highest ROI-generating techniques. Here are four tactics intended to help you identify, connect, and forge a deeper relationship with key enterprise-level accounts.

First, Invest in Accurate Contact Data for Your Target Customers

Data underpins the progress of your ABM program.

Any misleading, incomplete, or invalid information will slow down your ABM progress. Every different type of data input should be enriched consistently and accurately to help you select the best target accounts and collect accurate, real time, and clean information on the most valuable decision-makers.

A quality standard for your data is a necessary component of a high-performing ABM strategy and, consequently, a daunting daily endeavor that can be streamlined with the help of the right data provider. For example, Infotelligent’s experts manually collect, verify, and validate contacts at 95% accuracy to grant you instant access to your ideal B2B audience—key decision-makers. All the records are constantly refreshed to prevent data decay and aid you in supercharging your ABM strategy with timely information.

By working with the right provider, you will improve the accuracy of your account list and let data be the fuel of successful ABM.

Prioritize Highest-Value Accounts

Given the dynamic B2B buying scene, customer behavior has become extremely unpredictable. To regularly keep track of your best revenue opportunities, try to identify:

  • Which target accounts have the highest propensity to purchase?
  • Who aligns with your current buyer persona(s)?
  • Which contact has the power to influence the group of decision-makers?
  • Who has already expressed an interest in your product or service?
  • Which accounts share the attributes of your existing best-fit customers?

Use firmographics, technographic information, behavioral signals, or other relevant criteria to divide your targets into separate segments. Not all leads are in-market to buy today; some of them might not even have a final say in the buying decision. De-prioritizing low-value accounts allows you to pursue the leads who matter most—those who are likeliest to convert.

The order in which your leads enter the pipeline shouldn’t necessarily dictate your targeting plan. Set your priorities straight and always approach the accounts who are (or will potentially become) interested in your offerings first; the rest can wait.

Personalize or Hyper-Personalize Your ABM

A decision-maker at your key target account will intuitively resonate with a narrative that is custom-made for his interests. Identify each person on the buying committee and:

Hyper-personalize direct mail.

A frictionless virtual mailbox or the traditional snail mail?

In an increasingly hyperconnected B2B space, the answer is quite straightforward: 91% of professionals agree that email remains the go-to channel for marketing communications. But contrary to conventional wisdom, direct mail is not a side hustle; in a tech-savvy era, an astute piece of direct mail can be the biggest differentiator.

Physical mail is a tangible offer that has an inherently longer shelf life. Its ability to cut through the clutter and quickly stimulate customer behavior is backed by neuroscience—direct mail is far more action-oriented, persuasive, and memorable than digital media. Add content customization to the mix and you’ll improve the odds of enriching buyer receptiveness. From letters to product samples, every piece of promotional material that is incorporated in your direct mail campaign must speak directly to your prospect’s needs, interests, or concerns.

A well-timed, hyper-personalized offer delivered in a tactile format can take your brand recognition up a notch while significantly improving conversion rates.

Host top-level events.

A high-profile B2B gathering is a golden opportunity to drive authentic one-on-one engagement with top-tier accounts. Whether you open a pop-up store, organize a large-scale conference, or put together a seminar, the key is to attract the right crowd.

Clearly, today’s hyper-digitized B2B environment has its perks: prospects have nowhere to hide…  and they leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind. Through the power of intent data, you can follow the online behavior of your possible clients and:

  • Pinpoint the geographic areas that display an active interest in your products.
  • Determine an account-specific theme for your event.
  • Develop a highly-targeted invitation list.

For a higher turnout, the topics covered by your event must align with the current interests of each target. Every in-person interaction should flow naturally to help you enhance credibility and, ultimately, turn attendees into paying clients and the strongest brand advocates.

Keep engaging, surprising, and delighting your target accounts through hyper-personalized outreach—one person (or segment) at a time!—to generate more leads and gradually solidify customer relationships.

Humanize Your ABM

At its core, ABM is a technology-powered initiative. Every day, large, diverse, and complex data sets must be processed to create an in-depth profile of each target account and orchestrate a multi-point personalized outreach plan. The incessant shift from one customized account-level strategy to the other wouldn’t be a seamless ride without technological aid.

Your technology stack is an enabler of highly-targeted ABM action. But finding the perfect blend of technology and the human touch is key to establishing a genuine, long-term, and profitable connection with your accounts.

See the ‘human–machine’ power duo as a joint venture with separate responsibilities:

  • Technology is the precision-guided weapon that collects key account information, monitors customer activity in real time, and analyzes the preferences of the most vetted targets.
  • Humans are the purpose-driven elements that aim to refine customer interactions, build trust, and form a strong bond with each account.

Strike a balance between technology and the human touch, and you’ll most likely watch your client engagement soar.

What else? What are some of your thoughts about tactics for ABM?

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